Things that You Would Need When Visting Canada


If you have plans for visiting Canada, you better start making proper arangements so that your trip will be successful without any hitch. There are a number of documents that you must have whether you are travelling as a tourist or for business purposes. The period that you are supposed to stay in Canada will also determine the type of documents to be carried. The new entry requirements are now in effect and it will be good if you get acquinted with them so as to be on the safe side of life.

Foreign nationals who are exempted from using Visa will be required to have Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) so as to travel to Canada or even to transit through the country. Those exempted include the U.S citizens and other travellers who have valid Canadian visa. Both dual and permanent Canadian citizens cannot apply for an eTA. If you have not applied for eTA, then you better make an effort since you the liniency period ends on November 9. After that you will not be able to board a flight to Canada. The good news is that the application process lasts for a very short time and after that you will be approved.

Other requirements that you will have to meet before visiting Canada include the following.

• Valid travel documents which includes a passport.

• No criminal records or any form of conviction.

• You should be able to convince the immigration department that there are various strong factors which wil make you to go back to your home country.

• Be of good health and stable mind.

• Convince the immigration department that you will leave Canada once your stay here is over.

• You have an invitation letter from someone living in Canada.

Lack of proper travel documents will deny you a chance to visit Canada not forgetting the embarrassment that you may face at the check desk or even inside the plane.