Spend A Weekend In Manchester


If you decide to go to Manchester for the weekend a fantastic hotel to stay in during your stay would be the Pendulum Hotel, in the reviews its clients have said the hotel was spotless, the conference centre was well presented and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. On display in the lobby they have a stunning Foucault pendulum which is used to demonstrate the rotation of the earth, without the dependence of latitude. If you’re on a business trip its best to get a suite so you can work in piece and relax at the same time, instead of stressing over where to go and if you have any meetings you can use one of their conference rooms. One of the best things about this hotel is that it’s in the ideal location, as it isn’t in the city centre where it’s all chaos and noise but it’s just a 15 minute walk away if you want to go. Each room is provided with tea and coffee facilities, free wifi, the suites are also provided with sofas and work areas. They also offer room service 24/7.

You can find Manchester hotel at: http://www.pendulumhotel.co.uk

In Manchester there are plenty of things to do; you can go shopping in one of their many shopping centres, full of popular clothes shops and the latest trends. They do have other shopping centres too for if you have a more unique style or just fancy something different. Then they have cute cosy cafes and restaurants which offer amazing food, for if you just fancy going for a drink with a friend or maybe for a meal with your family. Also you can visit some of their vintage stores; they offer a selection of clothing and furniture, or even vinyl. Then depending on the time of year they have festivals too, so you can go out and have fun with your friends on a night and go shopping and relax during the day; you can make the most of your weekend. You could visit china town and its fantastic collection of supermarkets and restaurants; you can try their food and purchase souvenirs without even leaving Manchester. It gives you the chance to experience Chinese culture. You may even choose to visit Piccadilly gardens and ride on the wheel, to get a fantastic view of Manchester; it’s a great opportunity, if you can’t go to the one in London or just fancy a try. There are also different museums and galleries for you to visit, including their football museum and outstanding art galleries. Not to forget depending on the day you may choose to buy tickets to go to the 02 arena and watch a band or comedian perform.