How To Get A Brazil Tourist Visa

Brazil is a well-known tourist destination for a variety of reasons, due to this tourists are frequently traveling there. A needed requirement for such a trip to occur is the Brazil tourist Visa, which has standard steps in order for one to get issued with their own:


Online application Application of the visa online. Here personal information is required so is it best advised that one fills up their own form. Honest and accuracy is key. The application is two state also the duration they hope to stay and the purpose of their visit. Once the form is completed filled, no fields left blank, one then submits the form and receives a protocol number. Then take a print out of the protocol and sign it.


Documentation Several documents will be required to show transparency that the individual is who they say they are, this includes personal identification documents, work documents, bank receipts and other documents one feels will support their application. Have all these, originals and copies ready for submission.


Photographs – both physical copies and the one that is to be attached to the protocol form will be required. This photos need not be more than three months old and should have the specifications that you have been requested.


Application fee Check the amount stated to be paid for the visa application, and the mode of payment as well. Have this amount ready for submission in the stated manner when you take your application to either the Brazil Embassy or Consulate.
Submit application  Set up an appointment for submitting your application accompanied by proof of payment of the fee and all required documents.


The form should be completed and signed and can be delivered personally or by a representative. The form must be submitted under 30 days of application failure to which one must restart the process. Also should specify the mode of delivery once the visa is ready.

Visa status  Check the status of your visa online, which makes easy-going the task of finding out when and if one’s status is approved. The status will either read as, received, processing, authorized or ready for collection.

Collect your Brazil tourist visa  Collect it on time at the Brazil Embassy.

Other requirements for visa application include having a valid passport of at least six months from their arrival in Brazil, proof of confirmed hotel reservations, flight bookings and travel itinerary for the time of visit, provide financial proof of supporting themselves while there hence formal statements of your financial situation for the last six months, vaccination if need be, for example yellow fever if you have been to any of the affected countries in the recent past, usually a three month period.
Once the visa has been issued one has a period of 90 days to get to Brazil otherwise they lose the opportunity, as it is canceled. A tourist visa is usually a for a period of 90 days which can be extended when there for another 90 days. Tourists cannot stay for more than 180 days annually.